Friday, September 9, 2016

How to Earn Free $1 Per Day Online

In this Blog I'm going to discuss how you can earn free $1 or more per day online.Basically your task will be to Complete Offers/Surveys and Installing apps in your mobile which will be available in the account for daily basis.You have reach minimum $50 to make a withdraw via PayPal.


1.You Complete offers or install apps and it will instantly credited upon offer completion.

2.You will earn daily commissions if your referrals do the same.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Earn Money Online by Helping Charities

In this Blog I show you how you can earn Money Online by Helping Charities !

Imagine if every person on the planet gave you $1.00. It wouldn’t be difficult for them and you would immediately become a billionaire. Now that sounds great but the question is. How could you possibly encourage them to do that? Well all brilliant ideas are simple, by becoming a member and by supporting the International Philanthropic Projects of GIFTOBIT, you could receive 100’s of dollars worth of Bitcoin into your account in a very short time and the amounts will continue to grow day by day. People from all around the world will gladly send you contributions.

This Program is called GIFTOBIT and its in PRELAUNCH ! It is going to LAUNCH on 12 September 2016 Worldwide (12 AM UTC London)!


1.Register with Giftobit and
purchase your education:

After you have purchased your Education Package, you will be automatically placed in the Plan A Self Compounding Matrix. 0.05 BTC will be contributed to your assigned upline. Thanks to our unique technical solution, all Bitcoin contributions are automatically performed directly between the our members, bypassing the company's account!

2.Start Your Education and
Share Giftobit with Family and Friends:

Knowledge is Power. We strongly suggest you start your Crypto Currency Education as soon as possible. Now share the GIFTOBIT opportunity with family and friends, this way, you will be helping the Team Build Matrix to grow. Your will receive a bonus position in the Matrix for every 5 new paid members you refer to GIFTOBIT!!!

3.Start receiving Bitcoin contributions
from members all around the world:

Every time a member upgrades to a new level or purchases a a new position in the Team Build Matrix, contributions flow up to you as the assigned upline. You will receive Bitcoin contributions from all around the world. 75% of all your received contributions can be withdrawn at any time. 25% must be contributed to our Philanthropic Projects.

You Earn in a Company Forced Bitcoin Matrix !


GiftoBit is launching in 5 days (As of this post).. 3200+ members have already registered and hundreds of people are joining daily.Positions are placed in the matrix in order of purchase.

There is a one time purchase of 0.06 in Bitcoin,that is about $36-38 but you need to have atleast $40 to be on safe side due to fluctuation.The site is fully automated so your done once you purchase the educational course.

This is a very well designed program that took months to create.You cycle through 3 sets of 5x3 Company Forced Matrices. There are a lot of re-entries so you earn again and again. Each time you cycle through you earn back about $17,000!

We pay 0.06 BTC after the FULL LAUNCH and meanwhile its good to BUILD your Team !

You can Contact/Message me on Facebook (For assisting you): CLICK HERE 


Friday, September 2, 2016

How to Make Money Online using Facebook

             STATUS UPDATE: They are not accepting US accounts at the moment.

  (This Blog will be UPDATED if the Company start accepting US or Non-US members again so Please check frequently)

This is what New York Agency told me: 

Hello, unfortunately we are not setting up any accounts at this time because we are testing different methods. We will contact and update you on any changes so please be patient. Thank you!

In this post I will show you how to make money online using facebook so basically Would you like to rent your Facebook Ad Account via Teamviewer for an Advertising agency for making Money without any cost to you? They pay you every week for your partnership with them also you dont need to hand over your Facebook login Info anymore!

This is the Payment PROOF video where my Indian friend (from India) received his payments from them via PayPal. 

(Watch it here):

Currently you can Download Full Guide which explains how it works,application process and many more from here:

Thank your for Visiting !

Have a Great Day.................

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to make Money with Online International Paid Survey Program

Hey Friends ! Today I would like to introduce an UK Paid Survey Program (Available Worldwide) where you can make money online with paid surveys which I have been testing it for long time to check its credibility and FINALLY its RESULT is Out !!

I confirm it PAYS ! I did a Cash out via PayPal any received it by evening ! & Yeah £5 ($6.65) is not much but its FREE !! You don't have to buy Survey program or whatsoever to make Money !!


Make sure you use your PayPal registered email ID (It should be Facebook registered) to create account for this survey program ! After registration verify your email/phone number and link your Facebook account.You can register your account and take surveys using your (Great feature) Smartphone anytime (iPhone/Android),so that way you wont miss out much surveys !


You need to set up your profile demographics (Pre-screening what they call) to let them know you well for sending paid surveys and make sure you login frequently to your account to check if there are any surveys waiting to be taken.Each surveys have timers from 10-20 mins before it expires and you need to accept it before time runs out (as you can see in the image some of them had timed-out).You can expect 1-2 surveys a day or more as per your information saved in the program.


Their payment method is ONLY PayPal.You need to accept £ or $ as the default currency via PayPal when they send your earnings.Maximum thresold is £5!


(No photoshop,sensitive info has been Hidden:Sorry)
You can see my survey statistics and how much I have been paid on each surveys with my PayPal transaction.

Are you Interested to JOIN this UK Paid Survey program? 
If So Click the Link and SIGN UP HERE: